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Fascinated by high-grade steel/enamel   

Through decades of experience in steel reshaping and enamel finishing, Bette has become one of the leading manufacturers of enamelled steel products.

By using the raw materials glass, water and steel, we create products in a large range of shapes, dimensions and colours, and we finish them with an exceptionally brilliant surface, the BETTEGLAZE®.


The BETTEWASTE PLUS 5 gives you the option of a 5 cm higher water level, perceptibly improving your bathing comfort. Even when you are taking your bath, it only takes a moment to raise the water level. The Plus 5 waste can be installed in baths with a 52 mm outlet – a real comfort bonus in small baths in particular.

Our baths, shower trays and washbasins are at home in the bathroom and allow the water area to unfold its natural effect. Through decades of experience in steel reshaping and enamel finishing, Bette has become one of the leading manufacturers of enamelled steel products.


The additional refinement of the existing and time-tested enamel surface with BETTEGLAZE® PLUS permanently maintains the beauty of the surface and makes cleaning easier. The crystal-clear polymer film allows drops of water to drain off even more easily thanks to its waterrepellent action. Less limescale is produced and cleaning work reduced. BETTEGLAZE® PLUS also protects the environment –- for aggressive cleaning agents can be dispensed with. To clean, just wipe with a soft, damp cloth.


"The water level in the bath rises as if fed from an underground spring. Our baths can also be fitted with the BETTESPRING TAP on request. Your advantage:
Filling the bath is particularly convenient and quiet, merely 9 db(A) compared with the 21 db(A) of conventional bath taps.


A bathing experience of a rather special kind is provided by the waterfall tap integrated into the bath. An accessory that turns the act of running a bath into an experience. The fascinating start to a remarkable moment of wellness.


You do not have to do without the comfort of a bath, even if there is not much space available, or the layout is tricky. The bath can be adapted and corners can be trimmed – a service that opens up numerous options.


At the production stage, Bette can drill individual holes for their washbasins and baths that are accurately coordinated to the required fitting, the particular installation situation and your individual requirements. This gives you the utmost freedom to be creative in your design.


BETTEGRIPS in many common bathroom surface finishes help you to get in and out the bath safely. The bath can optionally be fitted with them.


BETTEANTISLIP provides even more safety when standing in the shower. A mixture of quartz and sand can be baked into the enamelled surface, without detriment to the texture. The colour is also retained.


When time is so tight that thers´s hardly the time to catch your breath and the daily stress gets the better of you, then the time has come to steal into the bath. This is where you can take a deep, long breath and really be sure of relaxing. For exampleby whirling and swirling. The pleasurable tingling of the skin that makes for all-round physical regeneration. In the delightful warmth of the bubbling water, the tension and stress simply dissolves into sheer well-being. In the real sense of the word, it is as if you waft away from reality. The body feels light and free, is able to stretch and move to your heart´s content. Dive into the baths with BETTEWHIRLSYSTEMS!


Silicone is superfluous between the bath edge and the wall as the BETTEUPSTAND offers an aesthetic, hygienically sound and long-lasting solution. Thus mouldy and torn silicone joints are a thing of the past. Germs have no chance to grow. The upstand is a 35 mm high enamelled upturn of the bath edge. On installation, this upstand extends under the tiles by 10 mm. This guarantees a hygienic finish to the wall. The BETTEUPSTAND is available for a large number of our baths and shower trays. Hygienic. Safe. Maintenance-free.


On request, we will make a bath or shower tray to be an exact fit, in keeping with your needs. The customised shower is the perfect hygienic design solution, that makes tiling redundant. A special service – specifically for projects and renovations.

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